Company profile

We are innovators, creatives, enthusiasts, visionary. We are an Italian reality and we are proud of it. The richness of our culture permeates our vision of the world and you can find it into everything we do.



We reinterpret the ancient art of mosaic, full of story and charme, in a contemporary way offering a new perspective to enjoy this form of expression.


Starting from an image – a photograph or a drawing – small and precious glass tiles of different colors and brightness  are carefully positioned by hand one next to the other, until the magic appears: thanks to the exclusive technique developed, the tiles are positioned at a very small distance, allowing to obtain an overall aesthetic result absolutely unique in its kind.


The result is a mosaic that viewed from a distance is perceived as a continuous picture, but brighter than any other kind of material thanks to the colorfulness of glass; once you get close to it, it reveals the precious essence of each glass tile.


Each artwork never stands, but always changes: from the point of view, from the daily hour, from the distance. You’ll get surprised by how a single piece of art is able to stimolate so many different sensations.